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Gaming Into the End of 2023

Gaming Into the End of 2023

My pace of blog posts has certainly slowed toward the end of this year. I've been playing games, just nothing that inspires tips and tricks posts, or exciting experiences to talk about. As we end the year, I thought I'd at least wrap up with a few thoughts about what...

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Starfield is Just a Good Not Great Game

Starfield is Just a Good Not Great Game

Starfield is a pretty good game and one I can enjoy, but it is ONLY a pretty good game. It has missed the mark of being a great game. I came to the realization that they structured the game expecting us to play it again on a New Game plus mode, but I don't think I'll...

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Starfield Tip Assigning Crew to Outposts

Starfield Tip Assigning Crew to Outposts

I'm writing a quick post to provide a tip on how to assign a crew member to an outpost in Starfield. Let's say you recruit a crew member who has the Outpost Management skill, so you build an outpost so she has something to manage. Here is what I had to do in order to...

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Oddly Discontented the Starfield Edition

Oddly Discontented the Starfield Edition

I took a walk around the first nice city we get to in Starfield last night. It is quite pretty at night and it was a peaceful walk. I talked to a few people, did some shopping, looked around the Lodge and then I just signed out of the game... I stared at my library...

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Looking Forward Beyond Blaugust

Looking Forward Beyond Blaugust

Today I am using one of the Blaugust prompts to not only plan ahead for my blog writing, but to talk about an upcoming game. The prompt is "What are you looking forward to the most over the course of the next year?" I have a hard time coming up with "the most" for any...

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What Motivates Us – Game Achievements

What Motivates Us – Game Achievements

I've been thinking about what makes me finish games, what makes me play them again, and what makes me leave them to gather dust. I used to feel compelled to at least finish a game I'd started, finish reading a book to the end, or clean my plate. I'd consider myself a...

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Blaugust Week 4: The Irony of My Lack of Motivation

Blaugust Week 4: The Irony of My Lack of Motivation

Here we are in the week of Blaugust dedicated to motivation, and I have put off writing anything for 5 days. The irony is not lost on me. I hope I'll still get in a second post this week, but just sitting down to write this one has only happened because it is Blaugust...

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Appreciating Game Communities Part Two

Appreciating Game Communities Part Two

I want to show some appreciation this week to the glue that has held my MMO experience together. Game communities and guilds are the reason I've kept playing MMOs. Group content and raiding have held my interest in some games well beyond the point where the content in...

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Blaugust 2023 Week 3: The Creators of Community

Blaugust 2023 Week 3: The Creators of Community

Week 3 of Blaugust is creative appreciation week. There are so many ways to define who and what to appreciate during a week like this one, and yet it is one of the hardest weeks for many of us to do. Who do we shine the spotlight on? Is it fellow bloggers, game...

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