About GamerLadyP

Gamer Lady P (what can I say, “chick or girl” just didn’t work for me), can usually be found on Masto.ai or on here, talking about games or books or anything else that involves being a geek.

Online Identities

It is a little unnerving to go public with a personality, which is why mine is a descriptive name rather than a real one. But don’t we all have many different online identities? Most of the people I game with know me by made up or randomly generated names. Some know me by medieval names that I researched, some by table top names that I picked, and many by names of my in-game avatars. Even those from my MMO guilds that know my real life name normally call me by my in-game names.

Those coming here will know that I enjoy activities that embody creativity, imagination, and friendship. At the heart of it, I’m in my 50s, happily married to someone who shares my interests, and enjoy my creative work making websites. I’m grateful for the many ways that games and the social media experience have expanded my circle of friends ever since I started my blog back in June 2011.

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