Starfield Tip Assigning Crew to Outposts

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Kreet outpost in Starfield

I’m writing a quick post to provide a tip on how to assign a crew member to an outpost in Starfield. Let’s say you recruit a crew member who has the Outpost Management skill, so you build an outpost so she has something to manage. Here is what I had to do in order to assign her. This was frustratingly hard to just figure out on my own,

Lin was assigned to my ship, so I unassigned her. Maybe I didn’t need to, but I couldn’t figure out how to assign her to the outpost at first (yes, you do it from the Ship Crew options), so I thought that was the roadblock. It turns out that you have to build a specific item and place it at your outpost before the option to assign crew to an outpost appears.

Starfield crew console placed to unlock assigning a crew member to an outpost

This unassuming piece of furniture is a crew station and you must build one and place it at your outpost in order to recruit someone to manage the post. Now, don’t go looking for this in the furniture menu, because you won’t find it. This is tucked into the Miscellaneous menu, where you’ll need to scroll down a bit to find it. It requires Nickel, Iron and Aluminum to make. I would also guess from the description of the item that you need one station per crew member you want to assign, and that each outpost can have a set limited number of these stations. Well, it turns out you can have 2 crew per station because Lin and Heller are both using the same one now.

crew station materials required and menu location

First put boots on the ground at your outpost, then open your scanner, then open the outpost option (R), move the options over to Miscellaneous and scroll down. Build the crew station and place it. Then open your ship options, go to crew options, find the person you want to assign to the outpost, and choose Assign, then pick the outpost from the list. Once you have a crew station you will see the outpost in the list of options.

The assigned crew will walk off your ship and start wandering around your outpost on their own rather than doing so through a conversation. You’d think that the Activity quest asking you to build an outpost would provide some clues or a brief description of what is involved, but no, you’ll probably be looking it up online and finding tips and guides like this one instead.

Starfield scanner options on a planet surface

I’ll be on the lookout for a paradise type planet to build a seaside outpost on, because a beach house is my favorite thing in other games like Empyrion. I hope that will be possible in Starfield too. For now, this moon has a stark beauty of its own and planet rise is pretty neat. 

a ringed planet rises over the horizon of my outpost moon of Kreet

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