Yep, I Really Am Over It

Aug 14, 2014 | Blaugust, gaming, guilds, MMO | 0 comments

If it hadn’t been for Twitter, I would still be unaware of when the next WoW expansion is coming out. For those of you who may be excited for it and don’t know yet, it will be November 13th. I’ve seen the trailer, because it was linked in a tweet, so I clicked it. I watched it, I went “meh,” and I walked away. My hubby may buy the expansion, but I don’t plan to play it with him.

I have a ton of great memories of my WoW days, so I find it odd that I am so completely meh about it now. At least he will have something to occupy his game time while I am playing Dragon Age Inquisition. I’m glad that other people are really excited about the announcement. I kind of miss not being one of them, but not for the sake of that game, more for the sake of being excited about a game.

Strangely enough, it isn’t the knowledge that another highly anticipated game is coming out within days of the WoW release that has me so indifferent. I am just well and truly over my love of the game. I don’t miss my characters at all anymore. I do still miss my old guild. If they and my hubby really wanted me to try it, I might eventually buy it. I’d certainly give a free trial week a go. For the first time though, I have no plans to buy one of their expansions. I guess that is a good thing since the last expansion I did buy, I didn’t even play all the way through to the new level cap. Guess what they say is true, you can never go back to the good old days.

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