Where Have All The Game Posts Gone (Long time passing…)

Jun 23, 2014 | Defiance, gaming, MMO, SWTOR | 0 comments

Even though I should have a lot of time on my hands lately, I actually haven’t been gaming much. I dabbled in Wildstar (still can’t get into this game), did a little bit of Defiance (inventory management still drives me nuts), played a bit of SWTOR (nothing feels new enough right now), read a few good books (Skin Game right now) but mainly I’ve been doing real life projects and getting back into medieval combat again. I am really looking forward to a few books coming out this summer and of course Dragon Age Inquisition in the fall.

Wildstar certainly has its own personality and several things that are unique, but at the end of the day the overall feel of the game isn’t that much different than any other MMO. I wish I hadn’t had such a long hiatus from Defiance. I’d like to get back into the crossover elements between the TV series starting up again and the game, but I’m too far behind right now and can’t put in the time to really get back up to speed.

Fixing armor, building arrows, and sewing tabards and gambesons doesn’t leave a lot of time to spend at my computer. I forgot what a rush it was standing in the face of a push of metal-clad combatants. This time I’m at range rather than the one holding the shield, but helping stand off a charge in real life is still pretty amazing.

SCA combat archery

Shooting people in the face/helm IRL.

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