When Life Gives You Pink Purple Dye, Make the Most of It

We all have those SWTOR companions that just get on our nerves. The backstabbers, the whiners, the overly-emo drama queens. While I would never pay the crazy high credit price to buy pink/purple dye, when the Cantina Tour boxes granted some of my characters that dye, but it was bound, I just HAD to put it to good use. I am not fond of pink, but seeing some of my least favorite companions decked out in it is a joy to behold. And yes, I even bought Kaliyo some new robes just so I could maximize the pink factor. It is the little things in life…

Skadge in Pink Purple dyed pirate armor

Who is the runt now?!

Kaliyo in Pink Purple dye

Revenge, a dish best served pink.

Quinn in Pink

Isn’t he…pretty in pink… Dear Quinn, I said I forgave you, I lied.

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    1. mhorgrim

      AAwwww poor Caliyo…I sort of liked her on my Bounty Hunter…But seeing Skadge in pink is totally priceless…I wish I could airlock certain companions I don’t like, but since I can’t…making him prance around in pink might give me a laugh or three!!!!

      • gamerladyp

        When I get some time to find a good bound to legacy piece of gear, Quinn is next on my list of recipients of bound pink dye. 🙂

    2. zernebog83

      Nice! Always wish I had rolled my Warrior as pure breed. That way I could bitchslap him.

      • gamerladyp

        Heh. My Sith Warrior is pure breed and he gets slapped a lot.


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