What Can You Do In Rift Dimensions?

Nov 4, 2012 | gaming, MMO, Rift | 2 comments

A few people have asked me about dimensions so I figured I’d pull a few screen captures together with a bit of explanatory text. I have a few complaints about the controls, but it has been pretty easy to be creative. You get a free small starter dimension from a Dimension Engineer in the old world main city. In Meridian, that is a person near the entry into the Manufactory. Dimension Engineers also sell keys to larger dimensions, but they aren’t cheap. The quest for the free starter dimension, Warden’s Point, also gives you a quest that will net you a pack of starter items to play with. Dimension controls are accessed under the Social menu, that is also where you go to visit public dimensions, places people have opened up for anyone to visit. This is a good way to get a sense of what places look like before you buy them.

When I found what they sell in Tempest Bay, I was glad they gave us a healthy plat stipend in the Beta test. I was able to purchase a few of the different dimensions, Shoreward Island, Dolcega Valley and Faen’s Retreat are shown in some pictures. Also some customization of the tiny free starter dimension, Warden’s Point. Enjoy…




Warden’s Point

Warden’s Point

Faen’s Retreat




Strozza Estate from the top most point. Used building materials to make ramps to get up for the view. Pretty courtyard but can’t go inside anywhere.

Aurentine Plaza, a slice of Tempest Bay. This is just the view, the room behind is the dimension, but I found the sounds the gearworks made to be annoying, won’t move in there.

Shoreward Island. You get the whole island, but only the tower can be entered. The lovely cottage is shut and shuttered.

Shoreward Island dimension: Looking down the spiral ramps inside the tower.

Finally, here are a few screen shots of the controls and help tips:

Dimension tabs you can open from inside.

Main dimension menu, permission setting options.

Update: Here is a shot of Dormant Core. This is (so far) the biggest and most expensive of the dimensions. My husband and I pooled money to buy it and we are each building in different parts of the dimension. I love the running water sounds and the lighting effects for sunrise and sunset are spectacular. If you want to see this area in game, head over to Emerald Isle.

Rift dimension

Dormant Core, built up around waterfalls for the water sounds.

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    1. mmogamerchick

      That looks great! I love how you got creative, like with the pillows and the torches in the fireplace, etc. How are you liking Rift, by the way? I can see you are enjoying the hell out of the Dimensions feature, just wondering your thoughts on other stuff as well. I saw a lot of stuff on the tour, but I haven’t actually gone around and done stuff on my own. Still debating whether I should get Storm Legion when it comes out, or wait. If I did, I think I would just be working on getting my Cleric to the new level cap and just spending my time with the dimensions.

      • gamerladyp

        I have been surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed playing around with the dimensions, but it will require a lot of plat to support the habit.
        I’m also debating on it. I’ve done a little questing and they have certainly added in a few different types of quests you can do and changed the flow of questing a bit. There is more available for interacting with the environment as well, and those quests are pretty quick XP and money gains without the need to turn them in, just accept rewards on the fly. There is some improvement on the story and investigation side of things, but nothing earth shattering. In all, I think it will be a fun romp and the new souls are interesting, but I’m not convinced it will hold me long term.



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