Trying Out an MMOFPS – Defiance

I’ve only briefly dipped into Defiance’s full release game so far, but I figured I’d at least share some initial info. Getting screen shots is a bit challenging so far, especially with not being able to pan my view around like I’m used to, but hopefully they’ll figure out a good way to share game visuals later. They’ve added a lot of visual upgrades to the starting tutorial zone as well as other updates since I did the beta. Great improvements!


Rift Fire Mask

I hope to post more info later, but between Carnivals, extra XP weekends, family visits and a new SWTOR expansion coming out, my time to play is getting pinched. I do want to play during these first days of game excitement when everyone is learning the ropes and the zones are populated. I think the biggest challenge for the game will be keeping numbers high enough that people have plenty of support and backup against some of the bigger nasty things. Getting used to the FPS view for the game is going to be MY biggest challenge. I’m just so used to driving with my mouse in MMOs and panning my view around.

I love high rate of fire weapons, so my first character had to be a soldier for the assault rifle. I don’t know if I missed the customization options during beta or if they were added later, but be sure to look up in the left corner when you are setting up your character’s looks. There are several options to scroll through. The dev team may want to make those options pulse the way they have set up other things to pulse in the UI to draw attention to them.DefianceTorin

Hopefully later this weekend I’ll get a chance to group with my husband and get further into the initial zones so I can talk about gameplay. I’m waiting for him for now so we can support each other on the quests. It is always much more fun that way.

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