The Day of the Dusters

Han Solo character look

Today I broke down and bought the Troublemaker Duster for my Smuggler in SWTOR. I had been eyeing it for a while and the price finally came down from the “hell no!” range into the “okay, this is excessive for vanity but I’ll get it anyway” price range. I’ve been wearing the scruffy look for a long time with the adaptive Spider body armor that you can pick up early in your career, but they won’t let me dye it. Strange how something that small can bug you enough to part with dearly loved credits.

DustersI guess today was destined to be the day of the duster for me. I decided to use the double XP weekend to get some levels on my Imperial Agent, so I took her to get some easy XP on Corellia doing the Black Hole weekly quest. Black Hole is so much better on the Imperial side than it is on the Republic side. At the end, the quest reward for my IA (Electromesh Battle Jacket) looked eerily familiar. Wait… was that an almost exact duplicate of what I just spent WAY too many credits buying for my Smuggler? Yep, it was…such a weird coincidence.

The quest reward for doing Black Hole’s weekly on the Smuggler is not an attractive look in my opinion. The “life preserver” coat is not my favorite look for the smuggler, so I was very surprised to have such a nice-looking chest drop from that quest chain on the Empire side of things. Now I just need to figure out what colors to dye each coat. Fashionista, yeah, that’s me.

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