The Best Laid Plans (don’t stand up to beta releases)

Aug 2, 2023 | Blaugust, gaming | 2 comments

I had planned to share some initial impressions about the closed beta for Palia in today’s post. However, I insist on playing a game for a few hours before I start sharing my impressions. They’ve had a fairly big issue to resolve with player housing plots, and have closed down the servers for now to prevent others from losing progress. So… other than sharing a picture of my initial character build, I will put this aside as plans gone awry and get back to talking about Palia in a couple of days when I have a good chunk of play time. I sure hope I have figured out how to make in game money by then… 

Palia character creation

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    1. heartlessgamer

      Just my initial “watched Twitch because I didn’t get a beta invite” thoughts.

      There isn’t much to Palia. It looks to offer the depth of secondary features of other games. I don’t get what the draw will be for Palia. Why wouldn’t I just play other games that offer so much more? It clearly is not an MMO but seems to have only been of interest to the MMO community (at least that is where the developers focused their efforts to communicate).

      I really thought they were going to deliver an “MMORPG without the combat” and instead we got a generic mini-games with some building games that any amateur developer could have given me on Roblox.

      • gamerladyp

        So much of just the basic game requires a LOT of gold in order to unlock and buy upgraded equipment and schematics. I’m too much of a results-driven player to be comfortable with the lazy pace of the game, but I do plan to at least try to play some of it with a friend before I make any final decisions.


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