SWTOR: Why Have My Companions Turned Into Dress Up Dolls?

This fight was WAY more epic as my Sith Warrior. My Smuggler just spent a lot of time being knocked out of cover.

This fight was WAY more epic as my Sith Warrior. My Smuggler just spent a lot of time being knocked out of cover.

I’ve had a chance to get a couple of characters to level 60 in the newest Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion, seen their short class quests and one for the Imperial Agent, and started the slog through the Forged Alliances flashpoints, yet again, on my Jedi Knight. I truly hope I still love Star Wars by the time I’ve reheated this same dish over and over and over again.

Maybe that is why my companions have nothing much to say anymore. Maybe their lack of reactions over the choices I make is because they’ve fallen asleep over watching the same rock fall in the temple. Maybe they don’t decry the state of Korriban or Tython because they’re asleep? They don’t participate in my adventures on Rishi or Yavin because they just don’t care anymore? War weary veterans that they are? Sure, kiss the SIS agent or the Sith, we don’t care if you flirt in front of us, not like we send you letters or talk to you anymore. How very sad that they’ve turned characters with personalities, whom we built relationships with, into mindless dress up dolls.

To say I’m disappointed in the design choices made in this latest expansion would be an understatement. There are things I’ve liked about it and they’ve tried some experimentation that has been interesting to see, but there are things that I really dislike about it as well. Camping a spawn point for daily quests is one of those things that makes me gnash my teeth. Knowing that to see the final fight for my various classes will require doing that, over and over and over again, while competing with people farming reputation, really frustrates me.

And how about those “personal” instanced areas in Rishi and Yavin content… Didn’t want to bother trying to integrate your totally unique and game defining group cinematic content Bioware? I usually run new content in partnership with my husband. This has been really weird to do this time around with us being split up to interact with the story NPCs. I can see it being done for each person’s unique class quest, but for all of the content?! I just don’t understand some of the choices made this time around.

I very much hope this is not the model for all future content. They like to change things up, they like to try stuff out, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt this time. If we get one more expansion like this one, with the same types of rehashed content in slightly different skins, that will be the end of this game for me.

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