SWTOR Tip: How to Not Get 12 Times XP

Shaddoe at MassivelyOP shared a tip today in his Hyperspace Beacon post that I found extremely helpful, so I thought I’d pass it along.

Edit: Update. This module has been changed and is no longer necessary. The Gree White Acute Module vendor is gone now.

white acute module banned by Eternal Empire

I’ve seen a few people lamenting the rapid pace of the 12x XP boost that subscribers are receiving throughout the summer months. I play regularly in a group of 4 people, one of whom is only on a preferred account status and wouldn’t be getting the boost. We were concerned about over-leveling him by too much, but now we don’t have to.


Go to the Combat section of the fleet in the alcove where the skills mentor resides and you’ll find a new Gree vendor who sells one thing, a White Acute Module which is a reusable/bound item, which costs zero credits. Use it, and you’ll get an 8 hour buff that stops you from gaining 12 times XP for story quests, but doesn’t counter any other XP buffs. Pretty spiffy to have this option.

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    1. Shintar

      Thanks for that, I was wondering what it would require to disable the buff. (Not a huge fan of 12x XP myself.)

    2. Ravanel Griffon

      Not disabling it myself, but good to know how to do it may the need ever arise. Thanks for posting!

    3. April Bridges

      I’m a little late on this, but thanks for the info!! I had no idea you could turn off the exp boost until now and I’m the type of player that loves to do all the little “filler” missions as well, so this was good to know! 🙂


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