SWTOR Strongholds: Do Your Research (or suffer like me…)

I have no one to blame but myself, but I figured I’d share a little warning for those who hit my blog by searching. Do…not…bother spending the 5 Dark Projects and 5 MK-3 Universal Prefab kits to buy a class ship unless you have fully unlocked Nar Shaddaa or Tatooine. You have been warned…

Starship Hooks Tatooine

Starship Nar Shaddaa [Edit: You can see those hooks from the balconies in both strongholds, so you could place a starship on the hooks without having to unlock the rooms. In Nar Shaddaa, just go into edit mode and stand on the taxi in the entrance room.]

The only Starship hook types available are in those two strongholds. It costs a LOT of credits or Cartel Coins to get to the areas where you can place your ships. Don’t make the mistake of thinking the really nice landing pad on the Coruscant or Dromund Kaas balconies will work, because those are too small. Yep, and Centerpiece hook types are too small. Just spend the 500 fleet commendations to buy a decoration type that only takes up a Floor Large hook to place and be done with it.

This is not the ship I wanted to put here.

This is not the ship I wanted to put here.

As usual, Dulfy.net has great information on unlock costs for various strongholds. My smuggler started out with over 6 million credits before 2.9 came out. Now she can’t afford to unlock her “Solarium” so she can place the sexy X-70B Phantom Agent ship I bought, intending to put on Coruscant because it is an Imperial ship… The cascading credits costs to get to the room that leads to the Solarium, which costs an additional 2,250,000 million credits to unlock, or 2,200 cartel coins, has made me weep. I’m down to 632,726 credits and 723 coins, so that is not going to happen for a while.

I know we are supposed to have goals and this is supposed to motivate us to make money, and run quests/FPs/Ops that drop mats and these new decorations, but being poor really bites. Patience can be a PITA, especially when a little research would have prevented me from having this itch I can’t scratch yet.

[Edit] P.S. I sold a bunch of mats and consolidated credits so I could  finally fully unlock Nar Shaddaa. So now I have the Phantom placed outside my stronghold. I really wanted it in Republic space (more of a feel of a captured “trophy” that way, but ahh well), but someplace is better than wasted.


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    1. Chaeden Amastis

      You can put the ship down from the start in Narshaddaa. The Solarium just lets you see it better. I don’t own that room yet but I’ve been slowing making the landing pad a battle arena*kinda….its not exactly easy to put things where you want them.* I just jump off the car to make it over there and type /stuck to get back up.

      • gamerladyp

        I hadn’t even thought to try that! Now I have to go jump, even though I can get there the expensive way now. 🙂

      • Bo Lee

        You sure you don’t mean in Tatooine? I have Narshadda and I can’t put one down on the landing pad. However, on Tat, you have the one outside from the start (where the exit it) and you can buy an inside dock also.

        • gamerladyp

          The landing pad that has a starship hook on Nar is actually not connected to your “apartment” at all. It is a separate large pad off the side of the entry room.

    2. Tsais

      I heard *some* of the ships you can make with dark projects are reduced scale and you cannot enter them or even stand next to them without noticing that they aren’t the correct size?

      • gamerladyp

        The only small ships I’ve noticed are the star fighters that you get from ship mission tokens. I’ve gone into a few public strongholds to see how various ships looked. Didn’t notice anything odd, but I haven’t found all of the types yet.

        • K

          Tsais is referring to the class ships; They are in fact about 70% of the scale of your actual class ship, and they cannot be interacted with in any way. I don’t care about not being able to step on/in to them but the size is a total bummer, however from the balcony on Nar Shadaa house it is virtually unoticable.

    3. Jim

      Happened to me. I spend all my credits (about 1.1mil) and I can’t even place the phantom in the conveniently placed garage in the Coruscant Strong Hold. Needs to be fixed.

      • gamerladyp

        Or maybe if the class ships are too big, come up with a ship decoration that is bigger than the fighter size and fits nicely on the outside pads or the garages. Just not a garbage scow!

      • mhorgrim

        On the plus side, the Yavin stronghold DOES have 2 hook points for Starships. One at the very beginning and the other at the back end.

        • Chad R Skidmore

          yavin has 5 ship hooks
          entrance, roof, cave, 2 outside grounds

        • gamerladyp

          Wow. They do have a lot of space there, but the price point to unlock versus unlocking ship pads in the older strongholds might prevent people from going with that one.

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