SWTOR Companion Recruitment – A Kindly Old Monster (Dr. Lokin)

LokinSwtor If you haven’t played through to the end of chapter 9 in Knights of the Fallen Empire in SWTOR yet, you may want to hold off on reading this. I’ll assume that anyone who is reading further is actually working on recruiting new companions for the alliance against the Fallen Empire.

Edit: With patch 4.1 released Feb. 9, 2016

  • The “A Kindly Old Monster” Alliance Alert Mission no longer requires completion of the “Stalking the Score” Alliance Alert Mission. It now requires the completion of Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter IX: The Alliance, and the “To Find a Findsman” Alliance Alert Mission.

You will run across various companions from the different classes in the game as you play. If one of these companions worked directly for your character, your interactions with them are slightly different. In the case of recruiting them, this can be really beneficial. For example, my Sith Warrior wasn’t required to run PVP matches in order to get Pierce back. She just had to travel to his location and tell him to come back.

I had hoped this would be the case for getting Dr. Lokin to come back and work for my Imperial Agent. Unfortunately, there is a major slog involved just to get to the point where you can even talk to Lokin. The Rakghoul event is currently in progress, which is one requirement for finding him. (EDIT: No longer required to do first, but some info for this separate quest anyway. In the past, before you could get his recruitment mission, you had to finish recruiting the first companion that your military commander Aygo wants, which is Qyzen Fess. Getting Fess requires a pretty lengthy slog to gather enough trophies to make him happy. Don’t wander around Hoth looking in the 3 other areas the holo display recommends, just go to the top of Highmount Ridge (there is a new quick travel point placed along a road near it to benefit Republic characters who don’t have a base nearby), and wander in circles atop the mountain killing the “worthy jagganath” targets. And for sanity and compassion’s sake, if there are other people of your faction doing the same thing, group up and help each other. You both get trophies from the same kill.)

It is easier to recruit Lokin on an Agent then on other classes because you will already have influence with him (I assume!). For other classes, he asks for quite a few level 8 raw materials to use in his research. For the Agent, you get to skip ahead to the step that requires deployment of 4 probes in the tunnels. (If you got him to 10 influence already via your class missions) However, you do have to deploy and protect those probes rather than just ask him to come along with you. It can be tricky doing the 4th probe in the heroic mission area, so be careful of AoE there. Also be aware that the quest can bug in the phase where you have to recover a canister after scanning the Sarlacc pit on Tatooine. Unless you want the Worm Food achievement, don’t jump into the pit looking for it. Just log out and then back in and the canister will be there.

After finalizing Lokin’s recruitment, you return to Dr. Oggurobb first because he gives you the option to split Lokin’s time between military and research duties or assign him full time to military operations. If you split his time, you split the influence you gain. If you don’t, it all goes to Aygo. Other than sharing the influence you get between the two specialists, there is no real sense of how this choice might impact the story in future chapters.

You get so many companions in the game that I doubt I’ll bother recruiting anyone for Beywan Aygo on a class that has no special connection to the companions he wants us to find.

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    1. Shadowz

      I have no desire to get even try to recruit Fess on others in the future. I don’t like him as a companion at all, and I’d rather have a way like they did with Xalek, you can get him so easy , but just searching for him, then asking him, declining him, or simply killing him. Course on my SI he was ready to join back up without the duel to make him kneel. I do hope they plan on changing the way to get some of the companions instead of trying to force everyone into PVP, but from what Eric said on the forums the other day, look for more like that way. Sighs….they claim to work on story, but force other aspects on people. Oh well.

      • gamerladyp

        I think if they just didn’t gate getting access to the quests to recruit them, then you could pick and choose and ignore some without it stopping you from getting others. Maybe that will come in the future chapters?

        • Shadowz

          We can only hope how things will change or not change come next year. Just sucks 9 chapters breeze through faster then the first main 3. I thought they would have written them like that, give us a few months to play’em then give us new ones after holidays and etc.

    2. Shintar

      Thanks for explaining this! I was wondering what I was missing because I hadn’t seen an alert for Lokin yet; I didn’t realise that not having recruited Qyzen was holding me back since none of the other alerts had given me any follow-ups so far. I also didn’t realise that you could actually gain influence with him by killing things other than world bosses! I’ll check that out now. 🙂

      • gamerladyp

        Hopefully you found the area with the higher density of worthy targets. Glad they are labelled as such, but I wandered far and killed a lot of unworthy ones before I saw the actual type we needed. Had to kill around 20 of them though, ugh.

        • Shintar

          The funny thing is that after running around for a while and not finding any of the mobs I needed, I just joined a world boss group and did it that way after all. 😉

    3. AC (@TaeraN7)

      Just came along your blog, nice reading. Definitely bookmarking you!

      I just recently came back to SWTOR after playing for 6 months since launch, and I wanted to find someone that has been playing, too. So far, I’ve been enjoying it.

      • gamerladyp

        I’m not terribly active in posting here but welcome. I follow several who are, like Ravalation. Dulfy covers a lot of games but has SWTOR current info too. I still enjoy playing.


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