Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Inspiring Music

Soldier ship exterior

This baby can also transport you

On Facebook today, SWTOR announced that they will be releasing a new music track each day until launch. Today is The Mandalorian Blockade. You really should give it a listen. Some of it will sound familiar, we’ve heard portions of the score in various game videos.

I love music, and the background music can make or break a game. It transports you, helps with emotional cues, adds tension, heroism, humor, sadness, and more. Happily, the music in SWTOR delivers. I’ve heard many people say that movies like Conan the Barbarian, without their epic soundtracks, would never have done as well. I fully believe them.

I will definitely be checking The Old Republic’s Youtube channel each day to listen to these.

Edit: Today’s is eerie. Korriban, The Homeworld

Today’s is a bit of cantina, dance music, funk. Yesterday’s Jawa

Not sure I want to see a Wookiee dance to this one today. Average Brown Wookiee

I think I prefer the stirring themes to the cantina music so far. today Ord Mantell, The Battleground

Nal Hutta sounds appropriately dangerous, with a bit of “waddling” Nal Hutta The Glorious Jewel

Tython sounds mysterious and whimsical, Tython The Wellspring

This one needed more stormy sizzling sounds to really hit the planet for me, but still good Dromund Kaas, The Seat of Power

I suppose the melancholy in this one is for the destruction, Coruscant, The Capital

Not much to say about this one: Do the Holos Show Up on the Bill?

Ok, this one is kind of playful and the alien language makes it feel more Star Wars to me than some of the other funky cantina music: Kayfoundo Naweea (Hungry Eyes)

A lot more vocals in this one, I really like the music with the deep voiced Star Wars “chant” Balmorra, The Forge

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    1. mmogamerchick

      I didn’t go check out the music on youtube/facebook because I want to wait for the day I can enjoy it from my CE soundtrack!!! Can’t wait! They truly did an amazing job on the music and sounds of SWTOR.

      • gamerladyp

        I heard that the youtube/FB posts won’t include any music from the CE soundtrack, but not sure if that is also vice versa. I do hope they release all the music separately at some point so I can buy it.


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