Slogging and Trolling and Griefers Cause Anti Nostalgia

Aug 2, 2015 | Blaugust, MMO, Uncategorized | 1 comment

Hubby and I took advantage of a 7 day return to WoW code and have been doing a bit of questing in the old stomping grounds. We finished playing some characters we started out with when we bought the Pandaria expansion. I only got my Shaman to level 87 before my buy time expired and I cancelled my sub. This time I got her to 90 and then finished my mage from 85 to 90. It was a lot faster than I remembered, although the bonus XP from heirlooms helps. Not being able to bring my companion back to life because my mage doesn’t have that skill made me realize how spoiled I am with some of the MMOs I play that give everyone that ability. It was interesting trying to figure out how to play my former raid characters. I still had hot bars labelled to “Tar” certain bosses we had been fighting, or announce my CC. The Pandarian zones were pretty empty, which was nice.

Then we decided to start playing our lower level monks that we’d run through their starting zones. I remember how disturbing I found the “pick your side” part of playing a Panda. Spending a bit of time in Stormwind to train crafting and slog slowly through the streets, I was also reminded how long it takes before you get to ride. I’ve become used to early mobility options in the more modern MMOs I’ve been playing. I’m quite spoiled by it. It was nice to see the city engineers finally fixed the melted towers.


I have also found that MMOs other than WoW do a much better job of keeping high level cross-faction griefers away from low level characters and zones. Not so in WoW, and there seemed to be a plethora of bored 100s killing quest givers in Westfall last night. We finally just moved on to Redridge when we couldn’t turn in quests or even see NPCs past the fat asses of people’s enormous mounts. Oh yeah, don’t get me started on the “joys” of mailbox trolls. I feel a bit like a grumpy grandpa after last nights play time. “Get off my lawn you fat Orcs!”  griefer

The verdict is still out for me on whether I want to try the 10 day trial of Warlords. I am not willing to outright buy it without a trial. Hubby may pick up a copy though. He tends to be a lot more forgiving of childish behavior than I am. More than likely though, I’ll wait until something new comes out to draw away the bored 100s so they can stop interfering with people just trying to quest and have fun.

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    1. Dahakha

      Yeah my friend Mataoka has basically just been driven out of WoW by the childish behaviour of the community around her. There’s only so much you can put up with and forgive before enough is enough.


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