Ship Sweet Home


She ain't pretty, but she's Mine!

I’ve been posting images of characters, but I’ve neglected to post the most important character of all to a smuggler, her ship. I think I’ll call her Betrayer’s Bane and hope she lives up to her name.

ship view

Damsel in Distress or Trap? I have a bad feeling about this!

I love that you get rested XP while on board. I find it interesting that interactions while on board ship (via holocam or in person) can gain or lose affection points from every follower on board. I suspect that my ship droid is trying to starve the crew (reducing caloric intake of the rations?!).

Seems that Corso has found the on board bar in my briefing room.

briefing room

Corso seems to have made himself at home at the bar

Bowdaar spends a good deal of time at the workbench, poor overworked Cybertech genius.

cargo hold

So who IS that mysterious Carbonite Man?

I really hope I get to keep the Carbonite Man in my cargo hold, although the severed head has got to go!

cargo hold

Does the severed head look annoyed to you too?

I will be adding to the views as I take a few more shots of my wandering home.


Somehow I expect this thing will only give me bad news

captains cabin

So, anyone else wonder if the Captain's cabin will see some action later?

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    1. mmogamerchick

      I love how each ship seems to have its own personality, both on the outside and on the inside. I liked the Smuggler’s ship for its circular layout, for example (though my hubby did not!) 😛

      And that’s a great ship name!

      • gamerladyp

        Yep. But they all need more color. A few paintings, some more throw rugs. 🙂


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