Saving the list of 2022 Blaugustians

Jul 28, 2023 | Blaugust, blogging | 0 comments

Blaugust 2022 Silver Award

Blaugust 2022 Blogroll

Instead of just replacing my blogroll with the latest year, I thought that this year I would keep the list to refer back to later. Enjoy some very active and great bloggers, many of whom come back each year. 

If you would like the details for the 2023 Blaugust or the sign up link, be sure to visit the blog of our esteemed organizer/instigator/Blaugustian cheerleader Belghast. 

Blaugust 2023 Wrap Up

  • Blaugust 2023 In Review by Belghast
  • This wrap up post is the best way to see who was involved this year, and some of the amazing stats.


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