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Let’s Get Started – It Begins With Intent

I have to thank Belghast of Tales of the Aggronaut for once again organizing the Blaugust event this year. He has been herding we blogging cats for many years now and I’m glad he’s willing to stick with it. I love the new achievement badges and I’m happy to share my first two. I’ll add to this post as we get closer to the official start and as I reach new milestones.

In the past few years I’ve help share info about Blaugust, but didn’t participate. This year I’ve actually signed up so I’m committed.


Joining the Cause

lessons learned achievement

Krikket from Nerd Girl Thoughts made a few ribbons for this year too. I earned the Tried Something Scary! achievement with my introduction post in week 2. I think anyone who participated this year would earn the Learned Something New About Myself achievement because creation is a learning process.

Krikket Nerd Girl Thoughts ribbon1Krikket Nerd Girl Thoughts ribbon 2

And the awards are in… 

I’m proud of my Silver award for 17 posts during the month. The Rainbow dice was really pretty, but maybe next year… 

Blaugust 2022 Silver Award

Blaugust 2023 Wrap Up

  • Blaugust 2023 In Review by Belghast
  • This wrap up post is the best way to see who was involved this year, and some of the amazing stats.


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