Putting yourself “out there”

I’ll admit, I have held off on blogging for a long time. I usually have a lot to say, but rarely think it will be interesting enough to other people that they would read it. But my work is getting more heavily involved with all things social media, so here I am. If I hadn’t needed to become more comfortable with Blog tools, I don’t think I would have made the leap.I hope it is a good ride, not one of those rickety carnival ferris wheels that your mother won’t let you ride.

As you can see from my site image collage, I am a full blown Geek. I’m well past the days of being embarrassed by walking into a grocery store in one costume or another and eliciting stares. But anyone who stumbles across my Blog should be warned. If you stare at people wearing fake ears and scoff or think D&D is for the devil, this is not the Blog for you. If you think shows like Firefly, Farscape, Babylon 5, Earth Above and Beyond, Battlestar Galactica, etc. never got to see their full potential, you might share some common Geek blood with me.  If you are an avid reader of fantasy and science fiction, I may have something interesting to talk about.

I kind of hope I’m busy enough in real life that I don’t have time to wax poetic here all the time; however, I do want to keep at this and post regularly. As a favorite quote says “And so it begins.”

Blaugust 2023 Wrap Up

  • Blaugust 2023 In Review by Belghast
  • This wrap up post is the best way to see who was involved this year, and some of the amazing stats.


    1. mmogamerchick

      Nice! Looking forward to checking out your thoughts, especially some discussions on books. I would love to get into science fiction, especially some newer books. I am totally clueless when it comes to the genre!

      • gamer_ladyp

        Thanks! As you can see, I’m a bit slow to get the ball rolling. Do you like space opera/ship combat type books? If so, you might check out David Weber’s Honor Harrington series. The first book is called On Basilisk Station. I also enjoyed Tanya Huff’s Confederation novels which are military action with a smart-ass heroine. The first book in that series is Valor’s Choice. Timothy Zahn, who did the really excellent Star Wars Heir to the Empire novels, has a trilogy with some very interesting first contact gone awry scenarios. Conqueror’s Pride is the first book in that one. I also recommend Alan Dean Foster’s The Damned series, which is about earth being brought into an intergalactic war. The first book of that series is called A Call To Arms.


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