Pixel Places I’d Love to Visit ( #NBI2015Safari )

May 2, 2015 | blogging, graphics, MMO | 6 comments

Murf Versus () had a fun idea for the Newbie Blogger Initiative this year to help us generate some content. Check out his post for the #NBI2015Safari details. Frankly, limiting myself to 4 themes and 4 screenshots will be the biggest challenge.

Here are the themes he set for us to choose from:

  • Landscape
  • High Fantasy
  • Selfie
  • Epic Achievement
  • Heroes or Villains
  • The Scariest Place

For today’s shot, I am reaching back to 2011, when I was still playing World of Warcraft, for my High Fantasy shot.

Watching the Whale Shark go by

You know, that thing would EAT me and not notice…

I know many equate High Fantasy with Tolkien and elves, but I think of fantastical places outside the norm, places to which you would not normally venture, places to which you are transported. For me, riding a seahorse in an underwater realm absolutely fits into High Fantasy. I remember a lot of people complaining about WoW’s underwater realm of Vashj’ir (had to look it up, been a while), but I loved that place. Sure, it took a while to adjust, but the zone is a masterpiece of creativity and beauty.

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    1. C. T. Murphy

      I love your interpretation. I think you are spot on too. While I hated playing the game in Vashj’ir, it was definitely one of the more striking areas in World of Warcraft. It is also exceptionally fantastic considering how so few of us spend that much time under the sea! It can definitely seem quite alien and fantastic underneath the waves.

      • gamerladyp

        As a scuba diver, I found their attention to detail even more impressive. Made me want to get back into the ocean!

        • C. T. Murphy

          I’d love to try scuba diving. I don’t like deep water, but I think I would be okay somewhere with a bit clearer water.

        • gamerladyp

          We dipped our toes in with what is called “Snuba” where you have a max hose length of 25 feet. I greatly prefer warm, clear waters with a lot of bright fish. You should try snuba sometime when you go to a tropical place and see what you think.

    2. Hannah

      Oh yes.. I had many many Whale Shark screenies. Mine would be in “The Scariest Place” category with the tagline, “EEEEEEEEEK!” 😀

      • gamerladyp

        I kinda poked it and got eaten once. 🙂 I seem to recall it being somewhat anticlimactic. Had been hoping to survive long enough to see what the belly of the whale looked like.



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