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Jun 17, 2012 | about me | 0 comments

I don’t have kids and at this stage in life the chances are pretty slim. One thing I do regret is not seeing my husband be a dad. He is pretty cute with my nieces and nephews and tends to be one of those favorite uncles.

My parents have both passed away and I’m usually pretty sad on Mothers and Fathers Day. They found my hobbies a bit odd, but it didn’t stop them from supporting me in them. Sewing cloaks and other costumes, buying dragon figurines, even coming to a big SCA event one year and wandering about among a bunch of costumed strangers trying to find me (succeeding finally after being escorted to our camp by the king).

I remember trying to run away during one of my younger years’ angsty moments. My dad offered to make me a bunch of sandwiches to take along so I didn’t run out of food too soon, asked if I had my toothbrush and some water, hoped I wouldn’t be too uncomfortable sleeping out rough, and wondered if I knew when the next rainstorm was due. By the time he was done “helping” me run away, I had decided that maybe home wasn’t such a bad place after all. I think he’s to blame for my tendency to apply logic to most situations.

Thanks for everything Dad, I miss you!

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