New SWTOR Class Specific Quests in 3.0 – Spoiler Free Reactions

Finally got one of every class far enough in the new content to see the side quests that were unique to each class. It was nice of them to put together such a highly requested bit of content, but it was just that, a tiny bite. They brought several of the voice actors in for the classes and the companions, so I was quite surprised at a lack of interaction between your character and your crew. Having most of them mute during these quests was kind of jarring. And heck, my characters have been getting letters from various NPCs from the past, so you’d think the companions would write, especially those you romanced. Nope.

These quests become available after you’ve completed the Forged Alliances Flashpoints and get sent to Rishi. There is a small bit of cinematic content on your ship that is unique to each class. I haven’t actually tried to completely bypass the Flashpoints and the option to use my ship terminal to start Rishi, since you get a couple of levels of experience and some decent gear pieces. After the first 6 or 7 set of quests on Rishi, once you take on the leader of a pirate gang, your quest will become available. Before going into the Blood Hunt Flashpoint, you get a scene that opens up your own class quest.

Anyway, in order of most enjoyed to least enjoyed, here are my very basic reactions to the quests:

Imperial Agent–Absolutely must do this one again
(edit: I’ve done it twice now, once on my female agent and once on my male agent. He had managed to start a romance with someone involved in the quest, and it impacted the dialogue choices, very nice.)

Sith Warrior–Hell yeah!

Jedi Consular–Very nicely done

Sith Inquisitor–Intriguing (some companion interaction)

Bounty Hunter–Not bad (some companion interaction)


Trooper–Eh, par for the course

Jedi Knight–Really Meh

Overall, I’ve been less than impressed with their game design choices in this latest expansion. The unique class content doesn’t make up for them having both factions go through the exact same content. The new content is fine, mostly enjoyable (other than camping named NPCs, a pet peeve of mine), for the first time through. This expansion is far less re-playable than even Makeb was. I hope Bioware learns from this for their next big content release. Their game encourages people to play multiple classes and factions. They need to continue to reward people with great story for doing that, but not drive them away by putting people with alts through the same content over and over again.

Personally, I won’t be getting very many of my characters to level 60 despite my desire to see the ending cinematic from the perspective of each of the different classes. The slog to get that little carrot, while competing with people doing daily/weekly reputation grinding, is just too distasteful to me. The fact that they have you doing the same things for the main story that people are doing for daily quests is the “icing” on my disappointment “cake.”

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