Nar Shaddaa Smuggler Haven

I finally got my Nar Shaddaa stronghold to 100% decoration status. I am not fully happy with it, there are a lot of trophies on the walls and many decorations I still want, but I can swap those out at my leisure now. Here is a quick set of screen shots of the various main areas.

Functional entry hall with all the convenience items grouped together:NSentry

Hallway with doors to the smaller rooms I’ve made into bedrooms, med bays, barracks. This has Voss Ka couches, and a holo terminal:NSHall1

Bedroom with galaxy console, nicer bed, and Selkath chairs:NSbedroom

Med bay with small kolto barrels and medical bed:NSmedbay

Barracks room with bunk beds:NSbarracks

Lounge area off the main hall with Guss hanging near the basic bar and the bartender (who does nothing and doesn’t sell drinks… not sure he is worth the cartel market certificate):NSlounge1

Boring lower hall, made slightly more awesome by the carbonite “bounty” and Tatooine info board:NSlowerhall

Party room! This one is worth two views since it is my favorite room in the whole place. The Jedi Fountain is nice and soothing. The serving droid is also not worth the cartel certificate IMO:NSlounge2

Relaxing in the game room, I like my game tables:NSFavoriteRoom

Balcony with merchant stall and the Huge generator, it is really big, requires the centerpiece slot, which hides my skyline view:NSbalcony1

Solarium with tool stations, Czerka desk, Gree light columns:NSSolarium

Starship dock with Phantom (the Agent’s class ship):NSShipdock


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