My New Adventure Begins

Smuggler Character Portrait

Captain Khaalo

I can’t talk a lot about my character without giving away spoilers of her story. Soon everyone will have their own tales of adventure, but for now I won’t go into the details. I avoided as many of the spoilers as I could where the Smuggler was concerned. I didn’t beta test one so I could come into the story fresh. It has been a blast so far. I was one of the lucky ones to get into early access on day one. While I had to work for part of the day, my husband and I (he is playing a solider) managed to level up to 11th level and make it off the starting world.

I did play a solider up through Coruscant in the beta, so I knew a few of the side quests and some of the background of Ord Mantell. I had made a few decisions about how I was going to handle a few of the side quests differently as my smuggler. There is a particular NPC scum who just had to go, no matter how many dark side points it gave me. No regrets on that one, but I’ll admit my solider took a strong dislike to him in the beta test. This game is so awesome in how engaging the interactions are with the story, quests, NPCs, and bad guys. Shooting separatists isn’t a chore, its a duty or target practice, depending on your point of view. Quest givers and goals aren’t faceless walls of text and that makes such a major difference.

Yana Mei portrait

Padawan Yana Mei

The smuggler is my character subject to the spousal leveling contract, so I’ve started a Jedi Consular to play on my own. I played through that story through 5th level in beta, but I should still get plenty of new quests and story to try with her. Initial leveling is actually pretty fast. You aren’t distracted by anything but the story and some of the side quests, unless you were one of those people who just had to visit the fleet at 1st level to start crafting. Me, I’m going to pace myself. I don’t want to even look at the Galactic Trade Network (had to stop myself from calling it the auction house!) for several weeks yet.

This will be short, just a quick introduction to the characters that will be absorbing the majority of my free time, and quite a bit of time I should be spending dusting or vacuuming, for the next long while.

Back to having fun!

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    1. mmogamerchick

      I’m liking the Jedi…even though I have my BH to play solo, I’ve been debating starting a Consular of my own as well!


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