My Current SWTOR Character Customizations

Andronikos Rakghoul event infected appearance

Andronikos Rakghoul event infected appearance

This started with a friend asking me for a list of what one of my characters was wearing. While I was grabbing that, I started screen shotting all of my current characters because I really like the way most of them look right now. Gone are the days of being stuck with a certain set of gear. With bound to legacy pieces and adaptive gear, everyone has a slightly unique look, and pants. I never did like the “sorcerer” look of some of the skirt wearing classes, so I go out of my way to put everyone in pants. I like a lot of the gear coming out of the newest content, although we still have the occasional WTF piece cropping up. Some of the helmets are so cool-looking that I’m even willing to not hide them.

I’ve also had many envious questions about the more rare Rakghoul companion customizations, of which I ended up with 3 from that fun event.

I’m going to put in a gallery with each showing larger size (as opposed to the widget on my site that shows them very small), and then describe some of the pieces below so this post doesn’t scroll for eternity.

Female Smuggler Cyborg: Troublemaker Duster (cartel market item), Rakata Field Tech’s Leggings (still love these leather pants from early Ops gear sets), Blue Scalene Boots (Gree event reputation gear, bound to legacy)

Male Smuggler Human: Bounty Tracker’s Hat (Bounty Brokers Association rep gear, friend standing, bound to legacy), Smuggler’s Birthright Jacket (very hard to get legacy random drop, wish this stuff scaled because some of it is very nice, but not upgrade-able), Drelliad Leggings (crafted), Contract Hunter’s Boots (BBA hero, bound to legacy), Gray Helix Blaster (Gree event rep gear, Champion, bound to legacy)

Female Jedi Knight Zabrak: Red Scalene chest and gloves (Gree event gear), [Artifact] Pristine Vindicators Greaves (Oricon quest reward), Pristine Vindicators boots (early quest reward), Gray Helix Lightsaber with red/black crystal

Male Jedi Knight Human: Balmorran Resistance Jacket (dyed blue/green, social gear), Imperial Containment Officer Gloves (event gear from Rakghoul event), Gunslinger Leggings (crafted), Niman Master’s Secondary Lightsaber (crafted), Gray Helix LS with black/blue crystal

Female Sith Inquisitor Rattataki: [Artifact] Pristine Seeker’s Robe (Oricon quest reward that isn’t a dress!!), Cor-Sec Pants (social gear)

Male Sith Inquisitor Cyborg: Inquisitor’s Inheritance Robe and Gloves (love the purple glow to these but they are low level rare legacy drops that don’t scale), Formal Pants (social gear)

Female Jedi Consular Human: Blue Scalene Chest, Greaves, Gauntlets (Gree event gear), Oriconian Force Healer’s MK-1 Boots (Ops gear, ultimate comms), black-green crystal (Rakghoul event Jawa vendor, really glad I gathered the event currency for several of these)

Male Jedi Consular Sith Pureblood: Sand People Bloodguard Bodywrap (Hutt scavenger hunt event gear), Energized Conqueror’s Saberstaff (cartel market), Sacred Septsilk Headgear (adaptive, quest reward)

Female Imperial Agent Chiss: [Artifact] TH-21A Master Scoundrel  Headgear, gloves & leggings (Oricon quest reward), Electromesh Battle Jacket (quest reward, dyed purple), RD-07A Vendetta Boots (random quest drop), Hypersonic Shredder (bowcaster started out bound to character, then became bound to legacy, scavenger hunt event gear)

Male Imperial Agent Cathar: Synthmesh Battle Jacket (quest reward), Agent’s Pants (crafted), Gray Helix Blaster Rifle (Gree event rep gear)

Female Bounty Hunter Cyborg: Professional’s Chestguard (crafted), Thana Vesh’s Leggings (cartel market), Hunter Inheritance Boots (legacy rare drop, sadly only low level), Red Blade’s Belt  (cartel market)

Female Bounty Hunter Rattataki: Dread Host Headgear (Oricon reputation gear, friend standing, this is one of the coolest looking helms in the game), Contract Hunter’s Chestguard (BBA, hero standing), TD-17A Imperator Leggings (adaptive gear, low level FP reward?), Contract Hunter’s Boots (BBA hero)

Female Sith Warrior Sith Pureblood: Dynamic Sleuth Mask (cartel market), Thana Vesh’s Boots (cartel market), black-green color crystal (Rakghoul event)

Female Trooper Miralukan: Quadranium Onslaught Helmet (quest reward, another cool-looking classic helmet), Hazmat Med-Tech’s MK-3 Body Armor (Ops gear), Republic Trooper Greaves (crafted), Republic Containment Officer Boots (Rakghoul event), Automatic Bowcaster (scavenger event)

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