Looking for the Hang Glider in Sons of the Forest?

hang glider location sons of the forest

I ran across the new Hang Glider in Sons of the Forest today quite by happenstance. I had saved my game the night before the first big update  (where this item was added) on the far side of the mountain from my base. I was near where I thought I had the right key card to get the gold armor item, but when I was not able to open the door I started back over the mountain to my base.

It was as I was walking down toward the west side of the mountain that I came across a couple of dome tents where I could save my game. Just past them I saw a strange triangular shape and sure enough, it was the hang glider.

hang glider location sons of the forest

I’m glad they put a place to save the game nearby, because learning to use it has been a dangerous, painful, and deadly experience. I remember in The Forest that it was tricky to get the thing to work, so I guess I’ll just keep plunging ahead.  (Edit: I had forgotten my lessons from The Forest. You should look up toward the tip of the glider before you jump and use S to climb higher. If you are looking down toward your feet, the glider disappears when you jump off.) This is very finicky to use, so your jump off point is very important.

sons of the forest hang gliding save point

Here is the location with the GPS. These can be found at different places on the map, this is just one of many.

location of the hang glider in sons of the forest GPS

Kelvin just won’t stay put. I turned around and there he was, having mountain goat’d up to me from way over in the base where I had walled him in and told him to stay.

Kelvin won't stay put

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