Life in MMO Limbo

Jun 8, 2022 | gaming, MMO | 0 comments

shapeless MMO limbo

It feels a bit strange to be in MMO limbo, watching past gaming friends go back to old pursuits (WoW), watching current gaming friends start to drop subs and vanish, and feeling at loose ends. It gets harder to stand my ground where WoW is concerned, but the reasons I left are still there and until they change, I’m not going to sub again even if I could play it with others who have put the comfy blanket back on.

SWTOR is not in a good place right now. I almost dropped my sub recently, but I’m still doing a weekly Ops run and I’ve inherited a couple of guilds, so I kept it. I did switch to month to month to make it easier to drop when the lights go out on the few reasons I still have left to log in. Their content release cycle is painfully slow and the people who do still log in regularly are getting more and more restless. 

I tried Elder Scrolls Online and FFXIV over the past few months and those games are a hot mess of just… too much. I was at a loss trying to figure out continuity of story, what I should focus on, what was connected together, and neither of them drew me in. I even got some help from other people who play those games, some great advice, but it wasn’t enough to get me to sign in regularly. 

What I really want is to start fresh in a new MMO along with everyone else. I want to shape my experience on the wave of excitement that comes with a new universe. Coming into games that have been out for a long time, especially the ones that want you to just play however you want (we need a few breadcrumbs people!), hasn’t been a great experience. And so here I sit, a lump of clay in this odd limbo with nothing coming out soon that I want to play with friends. 


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