In Game Events: Rakghoul Season Again

They say that variety is the spice of life. It is one of the reasons I both love, and then sigh sadly over, repeating in game events. Unless they manage to feel fresh each time, eventually those events I really loved the first time around start to bring back WoW rep grind flashbacks and I start twitching. 🙂

Right now the SWTOR Rakghoul event is back. It has been set up to move around the galaxy, which is pretty smart. But sadly, locale doesn’t matter very much, except for the change of scenery and the varying level of the surrounding critters. It is on Tattooine, and I must say, that spike against the sand and blue sky is quite picturesque.


Just remember, you don’t have to go overland (unless you want to see this nice full view of the spike), once you pick up the quest, you can take a taxi that is right inside the walled containment compound. You can also take a quick trip back the same way.


And don’t forget to at least do your civic duty and save poor infected citizens around you. That is a quick bit of XP that doesn’t require much time or travel to the spike. You can’t be mounted and you need to be right up on the infected citizens to activate your inoculator. Just beware of attacks by those it was too late to save. Since the bad things that pop up are scaled to the level of the player who triggered them, be careful not to get caught in the middle of fights with things that were summoned by others. You can always just ignore them and run, but AOE damage can get you into trouble.


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