I’ll Just Leave This Little Release Date Screencap Here

I know this won’t be news to anyone, but how could I be a major gaming fan and not blog about it anyway?! Twitter has been quite fun this morning.

I’ll just leave this little gem from my email here.

12 20 2011 Release Date image

Found this in my Inbox this morning

Blaugust 2023 Wrap Up

  • Blaugust 2023 In Review by Belghast
  • This wrap up post is the best way to see who was involved this year, and some of the amazing stats.


    1. anexxia

      Even in my pre-coffee email reading state this morning, that email made me smile. So glad to finally have a date to put on the calendar.

    2. gamerladyp

      Silly how big of a difference an actual date does make. I’m very glad to have one too.


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