How Perception Shapes Reality, or Expectations FTW/FTL

rakghoul effect on a trooper

How cool are those eyes?!

We have another one-week-at-a-time in-game event in SWTOR, and opinions on it have been very mixed. Some people love it, some people hate it, some people think it is okay… the usual mix of Opinions. Me, I think the event is fine, but I went in knowing what the event was going to be, and what it was not going to be. My expectations were well in line with reality, and it left room for me to be pleasantly surprised by this event.

As with most of these one week at at time game activities, I know that my enjoyment of it will be limited. Eventually I’ll have seen all I want to see, gained all the rewards I wanted, and get bored. I’m still unsure as to the long term return on investment that these types of events pose, but that depends on how many new people constantly come into a game where the content is new to them.

The people I’ve seen who hate the event are, in general, bitter and unwilling to allow their perceptions the room to enjoy it. This is not what they wanted, and (some) like children they are expressing their unhappiness. “No! I won’t eat that, I hate it, it looks weird!” Those I’ve seen who love the event are either pretty new to the game, or like me they went in knowing that this wasn’t going to be the same thing as when the Rakghouls plagued us before. We’ve left our reality some room to find the fun in what we have been given.

I’ve been happy with the crafting mats gained, the experience points for several of my alts, the bolster effect that allowed our guild to bring in some of the lower level characters to raid the Operations boss, the relics, the artwork, and the overall design of the event. They even added some hidden little secrets like a limited time mini boss in their Rakghoul themed Flashpoint Kaon, that drops a coveted pet.

Cathar plagued

Outraged much?!

This was a nice break from the norm but not so intrusive that I can’t get back to the business of saving the galaxy as soon as I want. Oh sure, some people think the virus sharing is very intrusive, but because they are too lazy to go see a medical droid about their problem, I have no sympathy for them. I get frustrated with the attitudes that want to mock my enjoyment of an event like this as some kind of fangurl problem of mine. I know that my enjoyment of it is limited, which I take personal responsibility for, but that my willingness to allow myself to find the fun in it makes me a much happier person than they are. And finding happiness playing games is what it is all about, right?

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