Hats Off to Prolific Bloggers

I wanted to write something profound, but I realized that waiting for inspiration on what to talk about was keeping me from posting at all.  I think the longer one goes not writing, the easier it becomes to just ignore the blog.

I have to salute those bloggers who manage to not only write regularly, but keep things fresh and interesting while doing so. For some it is more than a hobby, which I assume means they have more time and more motivation. For others, their passions about the things they do and see drive them despite it being only a hobby. Blogging isn’t something you can force yourself to do, but I wonder if some successful bloggers do have discipline about blogging.

I’ve read a few books, but none that inspired me to discuss them. I’ve played through both versions of Mass Effect, and while I was surprised at how much I enjoyed them, since I’m not fond of shooter games, I wasn’t motivated to blog about them. I will say, if you enjoy a good story but have held off on playing because the games involve targeting and shooting things, try them anyway. The stories and voice acting in the games are gripping. There is plenty of humor if you go chat with Joker and hidden little gems like walking into a room to see the “robot” (Geth) doing the robot dance moves.

I do wonder, is it better to not post very often but make sure that when you do post it is something worth reading? I know I don’t have many who read my blog, but there is some pressure to at least not waste their time.  Posts need to be interesting enough to drive some comments, otherwise you miss the dialogue aspect of a blog.  Despite that, here I am rambling so my desire to not waste time doesn’t keep me from posting at all. It has to be a fine line that regular bloggers walk.

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