Happy One Year Anniversary Star Wars: The Old Republic!

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I wanted a really iconic location for setting off my celebratory fireworks, so what else should I do but head to Tatooine and jump into a Sarlaac pit?! Congratulations on your first MMO year Bioware. Hoping to wish you many more of these, looking forward to what you have up your sleeves in the future and wishing you all the best to come.

Sarlaac pit

Couldn’t quite get the vantage of the iconic Star Wars location and the bloom of the fireworks, but you get the idea!

I got a couple of other shots I thought were particularly lovely and just had to add them too:


Illum has such gorgeous skies, they make a wonderful backdrop for my Sith Warrior’s salute.

Illum fireworks

Another shot of fireworks against an Illum sky, gorgeous!


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    1. Janne

      Illum sky is truly gorgeous. Wish my desktop looked like that. Or maybe screensaver, for moving meteorites.


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