Extra Life 2017

I know, this blog place has been abandoned. I apologize for only popping in here for random requests. However, for any of you still paying attention here, I want to invite you to support Extra Life this year. If you haven’t donated yet, (I know there are many gamers who are supporting the charity event), please consider helping Wookiee Alliance this year. We have a lofty goal of $2000. As of this writing, we were just over $900 toward that goal. That is still pretty rocking, but I’d love to see us hit the goal. The organizers have done an insane amount of work to pull this off again this year. They have at least 5 tabs worth of prizes to give out in game to participants, so come and join the activities shown in the feature image.

Blasters Poster-01-01As yet another bonus, they are giving away some REALLY cool blasters that are REALLY hard to get, just for donating $5 or more to a team member. If you play SWTOR, you know how much you can spend toward cartel coins trying to get a drop like this. Details:

“Arm Extra Life with your donation of $5 or more to any member of Wookiee Alliance between now and Nov. 5 at 11:59 PM EST to enter a drawing for the SWTOR Platinum Cartel Market Blasters Anarchy and Mischief.

During the donation process you will have a chance to include a message.

Enter the following: “Anarchy and Mischief” <Server> <Faction> <Character Name>.

Drawing will take place Mon. Nov 6, 2017.”ExtraLifeTshirt2017

You can purchase t-shirts instead of a donation (or in addition!) and all proceeds will go toward the Extra Life team. I got a t-shirt because I love the design.

Here is my donation link again in case you didn’t hit the hyperlink above: https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=286348

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