Eternity Vault Glitches – Or, Why Is Nothing Ever Simple?!

Very trippy walking on air.

Very trippy walking on air.

With the new optimization settings in SWTOR’s latest patch, you’d think all graphics would perform better, right? Not so, as our guild discovered the hard way in a couple of nightmare Eternity Vault runs last night to finish up some achievements. We went in figuring it would be a breeze through. Unfortunately, the invisible falling platforms had other ideas… A few people could see them, a few people couldn’t. Some could see the first set, others could see the 2nd set. Until we figured out the secret, it is a wonder anyone survived to make it to the bottom at all. Let me tell you, jumping onto invisible platforms and following the few who could see was a bit nerve-wracking, also eventually deadly as that one corner jump just didn’t work out.

So, two tips for those of you trying to run nightmare mode before it goes away in Fallen Empire:

  1. If you die on the way down (assuming a few survived to finish him off), wait until Soa is killed, then release. Don’t bother having people look for your body. You are as invisible as the platforms that killed you were. They won’t be able to battle rez you, so they shouldn’t waste time trying. Once Soa is dead, release inside the operation, then speeder and run back, then jump to your death. That time they will find your body. Loot…profit?
  2. Pan your camera around, all around, up down, sideways… The invisible platforms will mostly become visible again. Don’t bother trying to change your graphic settings to medium or low, that doesn’t really help. Just change your view of the room until the invisible becomes visible again.

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    1. mhorgrim

      For the graphics portion I have seen a few glitches as well. None have been as devastating as yours, but I have noticed the difference. A few others have as well. Good tips by the way!

      • gamerladyp

        We were trying to figure out what the people who could still see the platforms had going versus those of us who couldn’t and we couldn’t figure out enough common variables. Hopefully this isn’t too common.

        • mhorgrim

          It could be object distance viewing ratio. If everyone is set at a viewable baseline and some cannot see the graphics then there are anomalies that need to be addressed with Bio Ware. It could also be the individual’s graphic card as well post optimization. Might be worth seeing if the known bugs section on the official forums are experiencing the same issue. I’m getting a whole bunch of invisible travel speeders when going from one point to another. This has been happening both on North American Servers and the Progenitor Server in Europe for me. Rendering times seem to be a little off as well. Not sure if that’s the net pipeline or the optimization though. what I have noticed is a marked increase of performance for FPS on my system. Again, minor issues so far. But I haven’t attended an OP with serious mechanics in awhile. Hope everything works out with your crew though.

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