Dragon Age Inquisition: Save Your Sad Splinters

Dec 8, 2014 | gaming | 3 comments

DAI Marks Mangled MaceYou get a few items in your “valuables” in DA:I that are a bit odd (red border). I finally found a use for one of those, the “Sad Splinters” you pick up when you assault a keep and break down the front door. I still haven’t figured out a use for the “Too Many Breeches” or the Golden Horn you get off of a Halla, but I’ll bet there are similar hidden schematics in the world that let you build things with those. Most people say they are just valuables and can be sold.

I found a pile of dirt/poo that I could click on near the shore in the Exalted Plains. The brown pile of questionable origin shows “touch” when you mouse over it. Other people have reported it found on a burning roof, but there are a few of these piles around the shore. It gave me a “Sad Weapon” schematic. When I visited my requisitions table, I noticed I could make a recipe there using that schematic and sad splinters, so I built it. Ta Da! Mark’s Mangled Mace, a really nice one handed warrior weapon with a very unique visual style.

Edit: I got the Trespasser DLC and when it closed off past quests/options, it seems to have also removed the “Too Many Breeches” item I had in my valuables. So that must have a purpose in the main game that I never discovered or unlocked. Interesting…

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    1. Peter

      That weren’t no “pile of dirt.”

      • gamerladyp

        LOL. It was a pile and brown…

    2. ieyasu

      You don’t need to “save” it because they are not valuables. They are materials.


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