Do I Hear the Clock Ticking on the End of Days for My MMOing?

Aug 13, 2014 | Blaugust, gaming | 2 comments

Games conventions often bring with them awesome reveals and game trailers. Today is no exception as Bioware revealed more details about projects they are working on. The Dragon Age Inquisition enemies trailer is so awesome. And hearing so many familiar voice actors in it; the very end sequence may have made me squeeee! or at least grin from ear to ear. There was also a trailer released for Shadow Realms, the game Bioware has been teasing via various email messages lately.

It must be exciting times for them as they start giving us glimpses into the projects they’ve been toiling over. After reading the introductory blog post for Shadow Realms, I feel like they’ve been reading my mind over what my D&D playing soul has been craving. The fact that they are coming out with a cooperative game I can play long distance with my tabletop loving friends, coupled with the approximately 140 hours of game play included with Dragon Age Inquisition later this year, makes me think my days of playing any kind of subscription MMO are rapidly ticking away. Shadow Realms must intrigue anyone who has enjoyed playing The Secret World. It has a very similar feel to it, at least to me.

If you’ve read a few posts on my blog, you won’t be at all surprised at how excited I am for a successor to the old Neverwinter Nights game, especially with modern graphics and gameplay. A few friends and I tried to run our old copies of NWN to play together about a year ago and just couldn’t get things to work right. The fact that this game is going for similar “player modded” content (4 versus 1), but in a real time fashion, is extremely intriguing.

There was a lot of concern within the SWTOR community over the “loss” of talent from that game to the new Bioware project Shadow Realms, but I suspect that we are just becoming aware of changes in primary focus, that must have happened quite some time ago. There is an ebb and flow to game design, development, and deployment, so I personally am not worried or even surprised to hear that writers and project leads have been busy doing other things. It keeps them employed at Bioware and that is for everyone’s benefit. I’d been slightly worried when I hadn’t heard much on Twitter from Hall Hood, one of my favorite Bioware writers. Now I know why. He’s been very busy working on content he couldn’t talk about.

I’ve seen a few glimpses of my future gaming obsessions, and that future looks awesome. Tick tock, tick tock, the next few months can’t come soon enough.

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    1. Blue Kae

      Looks interesting, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they can pull it off.

      • gamerladyp

        Yeah. According to one of the writers, they really want alpha testers and feedback during the game development. This could be good or bad depending on if they get troll types or really serious players. I haven’t decided if I want to alpha or beta test, or be patient.


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