Cool Mount/Vehicles and Motivation

Well, if there is one thing that will motivate me to repeat daily quests, it is a spiffy ride. This has been true since the days of my Long Strange Trip in WoW.

The Imperial Walker mounts in SWTOR certainly qualify for that category. The fact that I can get one for each faction is icing on the cake. Now I just need a few Ewoks to take pot shots at. 🙂

Yavin 4 Imperial Walker Agent

Yavin 4 is certainly a pretty place from up here.
SWTOR Yavin 4 overlook Jedi Knight in Walker vehicle

Scale of these seems fine. at least I mostly fit through doorways.

Republic Walker Mount

Blaugust 2023 Wrap Up

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    1. Ravanel Griffon

      This mount is amazing! I bought it for my level 16 sniper (I rarely play her, but it fit her Imperial agent outfit so perfectly, I could not resist). I had to do the dailies 3 times in a row, though, to get the last bit of Rep and now I’m totally burned out. ^^

      PS Do you have a RSS/feed somewhere hidden away that I’m missing? I can’t add you to the “SWTOR blogs” box on my blog.

      • Ravanel Griffon

        Oh, your blog shows up now. Somehow I just had to wait for a day before it did. Disregard the PS part of my comment. 🙂

      • gamerladyp

        RSS has been kind of odd for some of the WP blogs. Glad it is showing up now.
        I’m still trying to decide just how badly I want the full gear sets for my companions. At this point in time, not badly enough to do the daily/weekly quests again for at least a few weeks! 🙂


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