Boosting a Twitter Idea

Aug 2, 2014 | Blaugust, gaming | 0 comments

I’m going to try to schedule this to post for me tomorrow while I am BBQing (and roasting my skin…) in the sun tomorrow.

@Lethality has a little experiment going to chat about interesting gaming topics, but overcome the 140 character limit from Twitter. Check out the tool he is using if you are interested in talking with other gamers about various gaming topics.

“First topic? “When it’s Ready” – Why are MMOs never “ready” at release, and as players how can we be ready for that?”

That is it for me, just giving a tiny signal boost to an interesting experiment. I have a lot of fun with Twitter when a group of us really dig into a topic. But the spam the rest of the folks suffer makes me feel a little bit bad. Lethality’s idea seems like an  interesting substitute.

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