Yes folks, I’ve been guilty of blog neglect. This isn’t more than a fluff piece, hello to you all, screen cap, quick update toss up though, sorry.

Rift Mage

Mage plus plate = nifty look

I’ve been playing SWTOR and Rift a lot lately. My husband and I finished up the Bounty Hunter story quests with levels to spare. We’re both only 46th level and couldn’t have done it without helping each other out on the Corellia quests. Man, I wish I’d been on the ball to screen cap some of my memorable cinematic moments of the final quests of the Bounty Hunter. Escape pod locks will never be the same again. 🙂

I’ve been playing with a 4 person group of RL friends on Sunday afternoons pretty regularly, Empire side. We have all 4 classes covered and wreak havoc across the galaxy. While I haven’t quite finished up my class quests, I did hit level 50 on my purple-lighting darlin’ Inquisitor. I promptly built some upgraded armoring and hilts for her, only to realize that I could immediately get most of her gear from PVP and Tionese starter packs. It was weird. While I’m happy to not have to run another set of gearing up FPs for her, it also felt a bit odd after doing it the hard way for my other 50s. I kind of miss the custom look I had for her which I exchanged for some set piece bonuses.

We’re starting a couple of Jedi Knights to play together. He’s going dark side, but I decided to play some light side for a bit since my Bounty Hunter and Sith Inquisitor are nasty evil types. It will be interesting.

We’re also playing Rift on the occasional evening and have been slowly leveling toward 60 in Storm Legion. I’ve been working on some crafting with low level alts and let me tell you, trying to run through high level insto-kill zones and climb mountains to avoid high level mobs has made me really appreciate the lack of falling damage that has been put into the game. While it is a bit odd to fall off the top of a mountain unscathed, I’m glad not to add that death to the ones handed to me by the mobs I’m trying to dodge.  But I WILL turn in that crafting workorder though it kills me (again and again). I’ve added a screen shot of my Mage, whose wardrobe gear I happen to really like right now. I  love not being stuck wearing a dress/robes for my caster. I sure wish I could put a cosmetic overlay like this on my SWTOR characters.

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