Blaugust 2022 Wrap up Week – Lessons Learned

Aug 30, 2022 | Blaugust, blogging | 0 comments

lessons learned

Considering how much I’ve put off writing this post, I think my  number one lesson learned is that I don’t like evaluating my experiences or deciding what lessons I have learned. Regardless, there are a few things I can take away from my participation in Blaugust this year. As I stated early on, it all starts with intent. I decided to go all in this year, and that made a difference compared to past years where I just lurked and promoted the event, but didn’t post. A big shout out and thanks to Belghast for this community of bloggers I get to enjoy. 

Just like with doing NaNoWriMo one year, I’ve learned that pushing my writing is not a positive experience for me. I’m a go with the flow type, so I definitely learned that I don’t want to post daily. I doubt I’ll ever enjoy that pace of blog posting. Never say never, but at this point in my life it is not going to happen. I let go of the Going Platinum blaugchievement goal, but I have no regrets. 

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This community of bloggers is active, interesting, and prolific. I’ll be playing catch up well into October, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the different viewpoints, type of content that people produced, and varied topics. I’m also very glad that I turned on comments and spent some time commenting on a few of the posts. I looked forward to those extra interactions quite a bit. 

Final lesson learned is that I will do this again next year and I’m looking forward to it. Once I stopped worrying about not missing a day, I enjoyed the experience and it helped me put out content that I would otherwise not have written. I don’t have a ton of gaming inspiration right now. I’m seriously considering dropping a game sub I’ve had for years (change is hard, yo!), so I needed the extra push. I can’t say I’ll keep posting this often, but I have set the goal to post at least once a month, if not once a week. I will stay in the Blaugust Discord and watch what people share there. I’m certain it will continue to inspire me. Bravo for another successful year!

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