Accentuate the Positive?!

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Been doing a little bit of Wildstar beta this weekend and I am sadly appalled at the character models. I was expecting cartoonish, I was expected exaggerated, I was even expecting large breasts on the female toons. I was not expecting how the movement and posture differences were going to really bother me. If I buy the game, I suspect I will just stick with playing male characters. They are over-exaggerated too, but don’t bother me nearly as much. Looking at the females makes my back hurt and really annoys me. I don’t mind characters drawn with sex appeal. I do mind them drawn with boob thrust. Really, really tired of boob thrust… I shall illustrate below:

This is puffed chest

This is puffed chest

This is boob thrust

This is boob thrust














Two heavily armored genders with the same posture...

Two heavily armored genders with the same posture…

Fem-Shep and Male-Shep have their shoulders and arms in pretty much the same positions, but Fem-Shep is clearly drawn to be more sexy. It is a little silly, but not down-right disrespectful. At least some game artists seem to understand my point of view. Maybe some day the rest of them will learn how to stop being… stop designing… just stop.



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