A Little Launch “Poetry”

Star Wars The Old Republic, Republic Seal

For The Republic!

‘Twas the night before TOR Launch, and all through our houses
Our computers were whirring, we were clicking our mouses

Our companions were nestled all tight in our ships
While visions of starscapes streamed by in fast blips

With my smuggler in her kerchief, husband’s soldier with his gun
We had just settled down for some early access fun

When what to our wondering eyes did appear
But a massive server list, for the game of the year


Merry TORmas to all, May The Force Burn Bright!

With a wise Jedi council, And an Empire returned
Choose your side join your cause, for the temple has burned

At the heart of the launch day, Command Center it’s named
The developers wonder, see them all play our game!

With the launch beards a bristle, brand new tattoos burned bright
They could see from the hot seat, all the servers take flight

On The Fatman, The Harbinger, on Shien, Bondar Crystal
Now on East coast and West Coast we add Kathol and Light
To the top of the list, to the top of the Queue
Start up your own saga as your story takes flight

And the Makers exclaim, as they watch through the night
Happy Gaming to All, May the Force Burn So Bright!

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